Aug 15th, 2017

Happy Tuesday, everyone.  I have some exciting news to share:

  • First, you can now save images to Pinterest!  I know many like to organize favorite images or inspirations on Pinterest.  I am happy you can now do that from my blog as well!
  • Second, I upgraded my web hosting plan that adds more features.  For example, you can view a video on the right hand side of menu section. The video you are seeing now is a recent promotion video I blogged before; but, you will see my latest Vlog at that link moving forward. (Hint! hint!)  There are more changes on the way……

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7-17 strawberry tshirt white jean-7239

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July 31st, 2017

For those who follow my blog regularly, you may remember in a previous post — Ride or Die Makeup 2017 , I recommended my favorite eye liner — stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner. Interestingly enough, a product review research company contacted me couple weeks ago, telling me the Stila Eye Liner made it to top 6 eye liner products in their recent research. Oh Yeah!


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July 31st, 2017

If there’s one rule we’re told never to break in the beauty world, it’s removing our makeup before bed.

Every day we put on a lot of skin care products plus makeup. In the end of day, our pores are filled with leftover makeup residue or mixture of sweat and dirt. A good cleaning product not only ensures you clean off all the residue, but also maximizes the absorbance of skin care products.

6-30-17 make up remover-8235

6-30-17 make up remover-7954

I have personally tried MANY different makeup remover products over the years. Brands include Dior, YSL, Laura Mercier, Lancome, Purity, La Prairie, Chanel, etc. Some of them remove makeup but are too pricey, some of them sting when applying to the eyes, some of them don’t clean makeup well at all, even after two or three times of application. I was never really satisfied with any of those products.

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July 18th, 2017

Hello all, hope your summer is going well! Today, I have something new and exciting to share — STYLE RIGHT’s first promotional video!

I am THRILLED to share this collaborative project with Zeree Studio. My intention is to showcase my taste in fashion, beliefs regarding style, and some snippets of my life as a blogger in a two and a half minute video.

Your suggestions and feedback have been helping me get better and better, and I am very grateful for all of the support! As many of you know, I write the blog not for generating revenue, but to inspire people in discovering (and/or updating) their sense of style. Please help by sharing the blog to create more awareness.

To follow:

  1. Go to the right hand column of the website and enter your email address to follow my blog. You will get a confirmation email. Once you confirm, you are all set!
  2. Instagram: Stylerightblog

I also want to take this opportunity to introduce Zeree Bao, the videographer of this video. Before I met Zeree, I had seen one of his video work. I was very impressed by his way of filming and the overall feel of the video. After we met, we quickly settled our partnership. 2 months later, this Video came out and I am very happy with the result!!!

Zeree said “Beauty is a moment, for eternity, Inspiration is a moment for infinity. The film is a period that seize the moment. I’m the man, who find inspiration in the process of creation. Record every breakthrough with a lens together with my creative mind. Be bold and be creative! ” I think you should check out his youtube chanel here. : )

Video by Zeree Bao @Zeree Studio



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Jun 30th, 2017

Hope you all had a great week! Ever since we had our 10-year anniversary celebration at PONZI Winery, I have wanted to revisit it. I love the scenery, modern architecture and peaceful setting. The view is breathtaking!

So why not combine work and fun into one trip?

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white shirt and emily pucci pant look-30

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Jun 25th, 2017

As I was working on a title for this post, a friend said: “This look of yours reminded me of the TV show ‘Mad Men’, in which the story was taking place in the 1960s. Your look is a modern take on that”. Mad Men is one of the few TV shows I watched and really liked. I understood what he meant right away and happily decided on the post title.

A lot happened lately with STYLE RIGHT. I am now officially on Bloglovin. You can search for “Style Right” to find me, or click here. In case you don’t know what Bloglovin is, it is for you to follow all your favorite blogs in one place.

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