Velvet Crop Top - Perfect Transition To Fall
The Best Copper Gown
Metallic All The Way

As much as I try to avoid being trendy (I know, it sounds really weird right?! I am a fashion blogger but trying not…

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Vlog: Review On My Recent Designer Bags And Shoes Collection

I have been collecting designer bags for many years now and as I grow older, I find myself valuing high-quality…

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Vintage Bling Bling

In general I am not the kind of girl who likes to wear bling blings. However, every once a while, I like to push my…

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A Nod(To)Design Jewelry

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you probably already know that jewelry is MY THING. When it comes to jewelry, my motto is the more the merrier! A big fan of jewelry in general, I love the way it transforms the most casual outfits into polished and sophisticated ensembles and adds that perfect finishing touch to any night-time look! The designer for all the jewelry I am featuring today is Wenjing Yang, a Portland-based designer…

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Pajama Play

I notice spending a bit more time in your closet trying different pairings and layering always brings you surprises. You will be shocked to see how often you can create new looks for a piece of old clothing. What I am showing you today is a perfect example of that.I bought this set of cami and pants from Victoria Secret’s. They are designed as pajamas. When I layered it over this yellow cashmere turtleneck…

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In-Vest & Beret Hat

Wearing a beret hat and walking around a French style fountain certainly made me feel like a French woman str…

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A Better You For 2019

Many people say as their new years resolution, “New Year, New Me!” But what I have found out over the years is this statement needs an update. Why would you ever want to start over again and be “new”, when you have such a rich, lived, and experienced “old” you to count on to become a better version of yourself each and every day. We become smarter and “better” human beings by learning from our experiences – good or bad.

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Straw Hats, Your Summer Bestfriend

Some people believe accessories define a look, while others think accessories add to a look. I lean more towards the latter. I think accessories are called accessories for a reason. I don’t own a lot of hats but I am always in the hunt for a perfect hat. The straw hat has become the key accessory for this summer.

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Watch Out for This Watch!

Fashion blogger Remanda to share a handcrafted wooden JORD watch with a $100 giveaway to get a JORD watch of your liking. Today I received my JORD watch, and opening it felt like Christmas! I haven’t been this excited to open a package in a while, and when I saw the packaging, it was love at first sight! So I got right into planning an outfit for it in order to post about it today for you – my beautiful styleright’ers…

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Wool Sweater & Jade Necklace

A casual sweater, skinny jean and over-the-knee boots look with jade necklace to polish the look. Aside from fashion, my other passion over the last 10 years has been dancing Argentine tango. The look you are seeing in today’s post was shot when I attended San the Francisco Tango Marathon last November. (I know, it sounds so long ago already!)
Usually during a tango festival or marathon I dance day and night, meet…

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Romensa Multiway Bra