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In-Vest & Beret Hat

Wearing a beret hat and walking around a French style fountain certainly made me feel like a French woman str…

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Straw Hats, Your Summer Bestfriend

Some people believe accessories define a look, while others think accessories add to a look. I lean more towards the latter. I think accessories are called accessories for a reason. I don’t own a lot of hats but I am always in the hunt for a perfect hat. The straw hat has become the key accessory for this summer.

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Summer Floral

When I travel, I like to pack light. I choose versatile pieces that can be paired to create multiple looks. White is a perfect choice to pack to go with everything. This open shoulder V neck shirt fits the bill. In this look, I paired it with a floral shorts to add summer feel (hint: floral is a big hit this summer as well) and brighten up the look.

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