Summer Floral


Greetings from Vienna, Austria, my dear and beautiful Stylerighters!


When I travel, I like to pack light. I choose versatile pieces that can be paired to create multiple looks. White is a perfect choice to pack to go with everything. This open shoulder V neck shirt fits the bill. In this look, I paired it with a floral shorts to add summer feel (hint: floral is a big hit this summer as well) and brighten up the look.

Screen Shot 2019-08-31 at 6.25.07 PM.png

These high-waisted shorts continue to be a strong trend this year. I mentioned these in my previous post – SUMMER TREND: HIGH-WAISTED PANTS. Generally, wearing high-waisted pants or shorts make you look longer. If that is what you want, then wear anything high-waisted!


The top can also be paired with pencil skirt, long fluffy skirt, short jeans……almost anything you can imagine. Consider a piece like this that you can easily dress up, dress down or dress for travel.