A Yummy New Jumper

Today, I got ready to go to my friend’s film showing in the Pearl and was feeling adventurous. I wanted to spice things up a bit. So, I found a recent Adidas Jump Suit that I bought and thought it would give me the perfect opportunity to lighten things up and be playful.

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NYFW: Mingling

Aside from focusing on continuously improving my blog and attending fashion shows, I like to meet new people in the industry whenever the opportunity arises. Learning how other people get good at what they do and how they find inspiration helps me to find direction and inspiration to continue my own journey. During NYFW, I managed to attend a fashion Mingling network event in-between runway shows…

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NYFW 2018 - MKKM Experience

Attending New York Fashion Week (NYFW) for the first time was a dream come true! But with every dream, comes fears, obstacles, and above all, doubts; You’re throwing yourself into a new journey to learn about the latest trends and fashions, while trying to prove yourself and worthiness to be there, amongst the best of the best. What you wear is who you are and is the visual language in which you want the world to speak about…

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Ahmed Shihab Eldin – Emmy-nominated Journalist

An Interview with a Emmy-Nominated Journalist - Ahmed Shihab-Eldin . Come learn about how we met, how he discover himself to start Journalism career and more! Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get. Meeting Ahmed Shihab Eldin in DC was just that – an insightful, unique, and fun surprise. My business partner Bassel happened to find out that Ahmed was also in DC while we were…

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Watch Out for This Watch!

Fashion blogger Remanda to share a handcrafted wooden JORD watch with a $100 giveaway to get a JORD watch of your liking. Today I received my JORD watch, and opening it felt like Christmas! I haven’t been this excited to open a package in a while, and when I saw the packaging, it was love at first sight! So I got right into planning an outfit for it in order to post about it today for you – my beautiful styleright’ers…

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