Pajama Play


Outfit details: Victoria Secret shine pleated crop cami (on clearance for $9.99) //Victoria Secret shine pleated pant // Turtleneck (similar here) // Zara beaded mini crossbody bag (sold out, like this and this) // Beige pump (from China, similar here) // APM evil eye necklace


I notice spending a bit more time in your closet trying different pairings and layering always brings you surprises. You will be shocked to see how often you can create new looks for a piece of old clothing. What I am showing you today is a perfect example of that.

Screen Shot 2019-08-31 at 11.57.31 AM.png

I bought this set of cami and pants from Victoria Secret’s. They are designed as pajamas. When I layered it over this yellow cashmere turtleneck, I immediately loved how it looked as an outing outfit. With the accessories I added and the bag I chose, I felt sexy, feminine and shiny instead of awkward that people often get when wearing pajamas in public.


Some people think accessories are just additions to an outfit. Some people think accessories define an outfit. Most of the time, I lean more towards the middle between these two. However, for today’s outfit specifically, I would say accessories definitely played a big role. The Madewell earrings, the APM evil eye necklace, Zara multicolor beaded mini crossbody bag completed and uplifted this outfit!

Screen Shot 2019-08-31 at 11.57.55 AM.png

I hope what I shared today would inspire some, if not all, of you to spend more time in your closet, play around with pairings, get creative, and check yourself out in the mirror over and over (I know, we all do that right?!). If you end up creating something beautiful, I would love for you to either comment here or share with me your outfits (Pics pls!). I would love to feature them on my INS story to inspire more women like you!


Turtleneck | Zara turtleneck (similar here )
Victoria Secret's pajama set | Top & Bottom
Shoes | Beig pump (from China, similar here)
Bag | Zara multicolor mini crossbody bag(sold out, but also like this and this)
Accessories | APM evil eye necklace