Shop Style Right On Vestiaire Collective


Outfit details: Akris Punto logo turtleneck (similar here, and under $100 here) // Black asymmetric skirt (similar here & under $100 here) // SJP Satin Point Toe Pumps // JW Anderson Pierce leather bag.


One of my key principles of fashion is to learn how to recycle the things you own. It is common that we all get tired of things after we own them for a period of time. Also, many of us probably would also like to stay IN, though this isn’t my top concern (Yes! I care more for the right style than keeping up with what’s in.). I do know however that it is important for many other fashion bloggers/fashionistas.

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So how can we afford to keep buying if we don’t make a lot of money or don’t want to spend a lot of money on fashion? Well, I am sharing one of my ways today with you all. What I do to recycle my higher-end designer items (bags, shoes or clothes) is to resell it on Vestiaire Collective, a website where you can buy and sell luxury pre-owned fashion.

Yesterday, I just uploaded two items to Vestiaire Collective to my seller’s account. One of them is his beautiful JW Anderson piercing bag featured in today’s look, the other one is Dior snow boots, so CLICK HERE to check them out!

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Vestiaire Collective is a super user-friendly website. You can either choose to take/upload photos all by yourself or you can choose concierge service which you can just send them the item(s) and they will do everything for you. I have sold a couple of items in the past and I was satisfied with their overall services and convenience.


I know this post is about recycling fashion, but we can’t conclude this post without talking about my outfit, right?! The turtleneck is by AKRIS PUNTO. I paired it with a black high-waisted asymmetric skirt. With the spring approaching, I wanted to add a pop of color to welcome the spring. This newly acquired Sarah Jessica Parker fawn satin point toe pump became the best choice among all! My JW Anderson bag undoubtedly completed the outfit by not only continuing the color theme but also add the perfect amount of lift to make this look more put-together and complete.

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Turtleneck | Akris Punto logo turtleneck (similar here, and under $100 here)
Skirt | Black asymmetric skirt (similar here & under $100 here)
Shoes | SJP Satin Point Toe Pumps
Bag | JW Anderson Pierce leather bag