Crop Top & High Waisted Skirt


I just came back from a family vacation in Bend, Oregon. It was my first time there and I kept thinking “how could I have never been here before?” over and over just a few hours after we arrived. It is just such a relaxing, peaceful, and vivid city filled with amazing view, energy, and meditating or fun activities.

When I travel, one thing I think about is to pack items that can be styled variously to create multiple outfits so I don’t have to pack a lot of clothes. I chose this crop top because it is a perfect example of that. One day I paired it with a pair of high-waisted jeans and the other day with a high-waisted skirt, which is what I am sharing in today’s post.

Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 10.33.25 PM.png

This crop top is by Cynthia Rowley, a new designer to me. So I did a little research about her. It turned out she went in the Art Institute of Chicago to become a painter and came out of it as a fashion designer. She reminded me of myself: started out my career in a 500 Fortune semi-conductor company and now I am a fashion blogger. Life has its own way of showing us paths, doesn’t it?!


The reasons why I love this top are all in the details. First of all, being cute and well-cut crop top alone is a big plus for me already. Secondly, those dragonfly rhinestone appliqué details are eye-catching and it added so much for the top. I also love the fact you can either wear some boudoir underneath and leave a couple of buttons open for more of a sexy look, which, as you can tell, is the direction I am going. Or, you can simply button up all the buttons for more of a casual reserved look.


I intentionally chose this asymmetric high-waisted skirt so that the higher waistline leads to a visually longer leg. Also, I like to keep the skirt to the minimum so the top can stand out as it should be. For a hand bag, I paired with the very popular Cult Gaia bamboo ark bag. I have to say, sometimes an item becomes popular just because everyone wants to follow the trend, but sometimes an item becomes popular because it truly is a perfect item. This bamboo bag is definitely the latter.


Those of you who have been following me for a while, you would know that a Jumpsuit is my favorite outfit. But guess what! Crop top is my second favorite outfit!! I hope it will be yours too. 😉


Top | Cynthia Rowley Praia Dragonfly Appliqué Top
Skirt | Asymmetrical knee-length Skirt
Bag | Cult Gaia small ark Bag


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