London Fashion Week 2018 - Day 1


Being able to go to London Fashion Week (LFW) has been a dream of mine. It is one of the goals I set when I first started Style Right. I have never thought I could achieve this goal at this early of a stage in my blogging career. However, I always believed that hard work and perseverance, no matter the obstacles, would always pay off – and it did for me.


It didn’t take me too long to pick out the outfit for the FASHION FOR CONSERVATION & STARSICA shows that I had been invited to. This Self-Portrait two-piece outfit stood out of my closet as the perfect choice. I like everything about it. The off-shoulder, the ruffles, the lace details on the skirt, the material, the details on the buttons as well as the structural & sexy feel of the top, all together seemed like a master piece, fit for an event such as LFW.


When I showed up at the venue – Freemanson’s hall, my outfit certainly caught people & photographers’ eye. So, I would call it a success! : )