London Fashion Week - Fashion for Conservation


Those of you who have read my previous post, know that I attended London Fashion Week a couple of weeks ago. London is my favorite city in Europe because of its food, fashion scene, and breathtaking architecture — not to mention I was there for Fashion Week, which adds another level of euphoria. I felt that all the cells of my body were awakened the moment I landed and couldn’t wait to get a glimpse and this season’s upcoming fashion trends.

Fashion for Conservation (FFC) was the first show I went to. It was founded by three women determined to make a positive impact on the world through conservation-inspired couture. They combined their talents and passions to create fashion campaigns that educate consumers on animals and ecosystems, while donating funds to wildlife groups — all while doing it in fashion (pun intended).


The opening of the show featured a recording of Julia Roberts, to set the scene for the collection and show. The majestic voice and the intense music intwined with animal sounds created a powerful atmosphere and drew everyone's attention. I remember my body and brain frozen for a few moments at the overwhelming and out of body sensations I was feeling. I didn't know what to do. I was struggling... "Should I record a story for Instagram? Take a video? Or just fully immerse myself in the show?" My heart  skipped a beat at the site of the first model.


The show is called Majestic Mystics Collection, which is designed by Jatin Patel, the Creative Director of Kalikas Armour. There were a total of 11 looks, inspired by the very inhabitants of the Rainforests of the world. Below is a photo of me and Jatin with a few models from the show.


The 2nd collection of the night is called “Impermanent Flora,”—Re:ne(w) by Rene Garza, which is a zero waste collection. I loved how colorful and bold this collection is.


When the show was over, I got to talk to its producer, Ava Holmes. I had seen her running around and dealing with so many different people, working so hard, and was inspired by it all, so I asked her how she did it. She said "I was feeling exhausted from three months, with little sleep, but I was happy to see everyone come together, from across opposite worlds and various different cultures, to celebrate an important and inspiring cause. Somehow that environment gave me energy and passion to stay awake and keep going."

Left: Rene Garza | Middle: Ava J. Holmes | Right: Jatin Patel

Left: Rene Garza | Middle: Ava J. Holmes | Right: Jatin Patel

Stay tuned for updates on the rest of my trip to London and some very special London Fashion Week looks and shows. Until soon, my StyleRighters! xoxo.