Wool Sweater & Jade Necklace


Aside from fashion, my other passion over the last 10 years has been dancing Argentine tango. The look you are seeing in today’s post was shot when I attended San the Francisco Tango Marathon last November. (I know, it sounds so long ago already!)

Usually during a tango festival or marathon I dance day and night, meet friends for meals, get a bit of sleep, and don’t get to do much of anything else. But this time, I was very happy I took a half-day break from dancing, and went to Bernal Heights park for a photo shoot.


You probably have had some of the following shopping experiences: sometimes you get nothing when you go shopping with a specific goal in mind; sometimes you plan to shop item A and you end up with item B; sometimes you don’t plan to get anything and then you have to get that ONE THING you fall in love with at first sight. The Rag & Bone sweater in today’s outfit is exactly in the “Love at first sight” category.


Since I was traveling, I wanted more of a casual and comfortable outfit. I paired this sweater with a skinny jean and over-the-knee boots. Most importantly, I added this suet white jade to define the feel of this outfit, and also create that perfect finishing touch that gives an ensemble polish and sophistication.


Suet white jade is the highest quality of white jade. It is commonly produced in Xinjiang, China. It is usually very expensive because of its beauty, purity, color, & it is spotless. Most importantly, it is rare. This particular suet white jade I am wearing today is a symbol of Ruyi (如意). Ruyi has 5 meanings:

  1. Career
    Ruyi contains the shape of clouds. Wearing ruyi not only represents authority, it also indicates you will get everything you want. As a result, it makes people believe that they will do well in their career.

  2. Education
    We all know jade is full of life, which helps you calm and focus. The lines in Ruyi is very straight forward and clear, which indicates students should study hard and full of passion. Wearing Ruyi will helps students do well in their study.

  3. Everyday life
    Ruyi in mandarin means “things happen as you wish.” Hence, people like to wear Ruyi as a symbol of a happy everyday life without any troubles.

  4. Marriage & Love
    The head and tail connects in Ruyi, which means a couple will stay together from beginning to the end. Ruyi will protect a couple so that they love each other forever and have a happy marriage.

  5. Health
    The shape of Ruyi is mainly consisted of clouds, which means getting rid of anything evil. On top of that jade itself is full of life, it makes the person who wears it feel happy and relaxed, which leads to a healthy body and mind.


You can purchase this Jade necklace at Portland local store: BAIKALLAat Clackamas Town Center Mall @12000 SE 82nd Ave, Happy Valley, OR 97086. Or you can also contact them via their email or phone from their website. This store has amazing collection of jewelries and it was opened Nov last year. Owner Jane Zhang has 30+ of experience in Jewelry business. She owns multiple jewelries shops and she has her own jewelry brand in China.


Thank you to BAIKALLA for sponsoring this post!!