June 20, 2016

black leather jacket with floral pant-4875black leather jacket with floral pant-4772.jpgAny of you noticed those words in the banner of my website : Reuse, Revive, Reconstruct, Rearrange, Recycle?  I don't think I  have ever explained why they were chosen or matters to my styling blog. Those are the words chosen to reflect my overall styling philosophy:

  • Reuse: Sometimes we need buy certain thing just to match with one particular outfit.  We forget about it after this outfit. Learn to build this habit of reusing things you obtained for one single purpose.
  • Revive: Don't any of you have this experience : you remembered  an outfit from a movie or a book from way back. It sticked around in your head for a long time because you liked it so much. The idea of revive is to able to revoke something from the past. Present a past style you like by adding your personal touch to it.

black leather jacket with floral pant-4890

  • Reconstruct/rearrange: Certain piece of clothes goes well with certain other piece. People have the tendency of wearing them in the same combination over and over. There is nothing wrong about that! If you have limit budget for styling, but you still want to have versatile looks. Learning to rearrange clothes , pair pieces differently for various looks is a skill we all shall work hard to achieve.
  • Recycle: Your trash could be someone else's treasure. I believe most of you have heard of that before. When you finally decided to retire some clothes, don't just simply throw them away. Give to your friends, donate them or take to naked girl's party. Recycle your belongings with others!

Over the years, these words have greatly helped me shaping my style and keeping my closet well balanced. I am very curious of what your styling philosophy is !black leather jacket with floral pant-4913Clearly,  summer has arrived here in Portland Oregon. I needed more flowers for my house so we took a trip to Cornell Farms. In general I don't think floral things are my style. When I saw this pant in Mercantile store in Portland, I decided to give it a try. It looked very nice after I tried it on. Once again, I explored something new for my style. So never say never! black leather jacket with floral pant-4871In this outfit, floral pant is definitely the statement. Hence, I intentionally paired a light black leather jacket with an off-white silk top underneath. The idea is to show off the floral pant but yet still keep the modern and chic feel instead of country feel. I didn't add any new color to the shoe because it would be too much. Black wedge shoe keeps the outfit clean from the color perspective.black leather jacket with floral pant-4968black leather jacket with floral pant-4957black leather jacket with floral pant-4906black leather jacket with floral pant-4787black leather jacket with floral pant-5009

Outfit Details

Graham & Spencer leather jacket {Similar here }, Elizabeth & James silk top {Similar here}, MaxMara Floral Pant,  Hermes Birkin bag (from very old collection) , Lucky Brand wedge, Korean brand earring (Purchased in China Shanghai), Mary Macgrill hand ring , Chanel 5132H Sunglass .Photo shoot location: Cornell FarmPhotographer: Bassel Hamieh , facebook page