June 16, 2016

半身全身Portland weather has been having some dramatic changes over the last couple of weeks. It was over 90 the wk before and this wk is down to 50-60's. I had to take out couple pieces of clothes I had put away including this grey jacket.A jacket as such can be worn either dress up, casual or office look. I chose casual today for an afternoon stroll in the Pearl District in Portland. I will certainly share more looks with this jacket later on. The idea is to show how a single piece can be transformed into totally different looks depending on needs. 半身-3Most of time, I like to leave jacket unbuttoned. With that, it is very important to find a nice shirt to wear underneath. The general guideline for choosing underneath shirt is 

  1. If you want jacket to stand out, then choose simple or plain shirt
  2. If you want to add some coloring to match any other color in your total look such as earring, shoe or purse color, then you choose a shirt that contains any of the color you plan to match with
  3. If you want to add something to pop out and catching people's eye, then you can choose shirt with creative or interesting patterns or prints to completely pop out

In this outfit, the shirt I chose met both 2 & 3 guidelines. It contains the exact same red color to match with the red purse. The black pattern is eye catching for sure but still goes harmony with the leather black strip on the jacket. 半身-2手链石头戒指-4鞋子-3I know this superstar sneaker has been in fashion for a while. But trust me I only bought it because it looks good on me. It also goes well with many different outfits! 

Outfit Details

Laveer linen jacket , Roberto cavalli print top, Koral Jean {Similar here }, Soulway(China brand) leather bag , Adidas superstar sneaker Photo shoot location: Portland Pearl DistrictPhotographer: Allen Cao