July 1st, 2016DSC_8233_1


A very dear friend from San Fransisco visited me. We became friends before we even met each other in person. : ) I invited her to join two of  my photo sessions and she will appear in my blog as guest appearance. P.S, She herself is a fashionista!

When weather is nice in Portland, nothing compares to taking a walk at downtown waterfront in the dawn time. Mountains in the far, clear blue sky with floating clouds, multiple bridges crossing over willamette  river, green grass covering the ground.... all of these are calling to wear a bright color block.


When you wearing colorblock dress like this, you could use neutral color for everything else to pop out the dress itself. Or you can also do what I did by adding another color to it. As you can see, I added green earring and green necklace as the third color theme to the overall look. I could also use a green purse, but then it would be too much green. Instead, I chose this purse to break the three color theme and also add a bit of modern feel.





Outfit Details

ASOS colorblock silk dress {Similar here }, Philip Lim mini soleil shoulder bag {Last seen here},  Antique earring,  Guess Sunglasses , Jade necklace {Similar here}Photo shoot location: SW waterfront in downtown PortlandPhotographer: Allen Cao