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My Recent Favorite Makeup Items

It’s been a while since my last makeup video. Today I am super excited to share with you some of my recent favorite makeup products! I hope you enjoy!!! For those of you who haven’t yet subscribed to my YouTube channel, which currently has marketing campaign by The Marketing Heaven, click here so you can be the first to know any time I upload a new video.

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Halloween Makeup Fun

Halloween is literally just around the corner! Believe it or not, even though I had dressed up in various characters throughout the year since I moved to US, I had never done a face paint. After my team learned that, they decided I have to do a Halloween makeup/paint this year.

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Bassel Does Remanda's Makeup

As many of you now know,  I have an amazingly talented blog photographer and business partner – Bassel. He and I often end up spending countless hours creating content for Style Right. Two days ago, after coming home from a late night of dancing to work on a post, we had an idea. We decided to make a video called “Bassel Does Remanda’s Makeup.”

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