Bassel Does Remanda's Makeup


As many of you now know,  I have an amazingly talented blog photographer and business partner – Bassel. He and I often end up spending countless hours creating content for Style Right. Two days ago, after coming home from a late night of dancing to work on a post, we had an idea. We decided to make a video called “Bassel Does Remanda’s Makeup.”

The video shoot took about 6 hours and let me tell you, the process was hilarious and the results are shocking! You don’t want to miss the video below:

The outcome of this experiment was not what I thought it would be. To have a person touch my face without them having any prior training is a risky thing, but I realized over time that often times, if you are able to let go and put yourself out there, think outside the box and try something new or different, the outcome will be a rewarding and learning experience.

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