Oct 10th, 2016

untitled-4-5Though Portland is heading into Fall rainy season, a sunny day provides a sun shower and an opportunity to hunt for one of our locally famous food trucks.untitled-2-4untitled-8-4Many in the fashion industry suggest less white once Fall starts, or that white is not ideal for Winter...etc.   For me, B & W is classy all year with a good cut to match the occasion or my mood.  The Balenciaga top was purchased at the same time as the lace set from "Lace, Every woman's dream".  I tend to shop while I am in an international city like Shanghai to take advantage of it. : )untitled-9-4The white top sculptured feel polyester creates a unique look with a wrap safety-pin. For this look, I picked a vintage shiny black capri pant.   I purposely choose a wide flare instead of leggings or tight pants to balance the big volume and presence of the top.untitled-15-3For accessories, the pearl safety pin top matches easily with pearl jewelry.  I finished the look with a hand-crocheted silver pin by Australian designer: Catherine Buddle.(San W art gallery in Shanghai China carries her work) . The pin is secured through a magnet.  The strong presence of a steel watch also makes this outfit a good professional setting candidate.   Lastly, I added B & W clutch to complete the look.untitled-14-3untitled-11-3This outfit may not be ideal for wide shoulders or a broad chest because the sculpture of the top keeps its own shape instead of sticking to your body.  Also, the front wrap via safety pin in the chest area may not be a  good fit for a wide chest or shoulder body type.Post-script:  The images are bittersweet since I lost the shoes during the shoot.  I plan to use a rolling suitcase next time.   If you have a better suggestion how keep track of multiple changes, do share!untitled-18-2untitled-16-3untitled-17-3

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Balenciaga Top {Similar last seen here },  Vintage black capri pant, Fabio Rusconi snake pump, Italian white clutch {Similar Here},  flower pearl earring {Similar Here}, Tag link watch, Chanel 5132H C5013C Sunglasses chanel-ch5132h-5013c-ld-1 img_5192-edit_2048x2048Photo shoot location: SW college stPhotographer: Andrew Mesa @AMP Photography