May 27th, 2017

Hello everyone! Happy weekend and I hope you have something special planned for the long memorial weekend. I am writing this post on the plane on my way to China Shanghai. I will be posting fun things I see in Shanghai on Instagram, to follow CLICKING HERE.

When I acquire a new piece of clothing, I often times will try it out with different things from my closet to see what works or how many different looks I can create. To me, it is almost more fun than going shopping. Because it is a creative, rewarding and challenging process, which I truly enjoy.

Vince beige silk top with budda head skirt and white pant-6828

Vince beige silk top with budda head skirt and white pant-6837

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Apr 27th, 2017

Spring time in Portland could be tricky but also kind of fun in terms of what to wear because of weather variances from day to day. On the street, you will see people wearing a t-shirt, a jacket or sweater, and even a winter coat. The upside of that is you can choose from your entire closet to create outfits.

People often put black color clothes away when it comes to spring. For me, wearing black in spring is perfectly fine as long as you find ways to light it up or add colors. In my outfit today, I used a colorful scarf to add vibrance to the overall look.

Black sandro sweater dress with scarf-8082

Black sandro sweater dress with scarf-8139

Black sandro sweater dress with scarf-8141

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