An Interview With Pablo & Sofia


What you are about to see in this post is the outcome of a year-long project. The project itself wasn’t hard or complicated, but the logistics and the fact that these two tango teachers travel internationally frequently and intensively, forced us to work on this project over two summers. Pablo Inza & Sofia Saborido are world-renowned Argentine Tango teachers, dancers, and performers.

In 2015, while they were on their US tour, they came to Portland for the first time to teach, which is when I met them. I remember I was completely mesmerized when I saw them performing. Most of the time when I see people performing, I see movements. When Pablo and Sofia dance, I feel what they feel, I sense their breath, their heart beat, and their intense emotional waves, moving in and out with the sound, instruments, and base of the music. There is no other word to describe them but magical.

But, that is not the reason why I want to feature them. They are not only amazing tango dancers, but also are authentic and honest human beings. They devote their heart and soul into the work they do while maintaining their personal romantic relationship with respect. Further more, they also have amazing sense of fashion and style. They always take care of their looks for everyday or for performances.

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