FEB 21, 2017

Moule white top-1

Moule white top-1-2

A dear tango friend challenged me to identify “3 essential bags”. I gladly accepted her challenge and am happy now hear your thoughts about this post.  What a great idea! Hopefully this will delight my friend and, all of you, my dear readers.

The 3 essential bags I suggest:

1. A tote bag:
As an example, this blue Ferragamo tote bag is one of my favorite totes.  Generally, I prefer single use bag but since this strap is removable so I am fine with it. After all, you get to use the bag in two different ways.  A tote serves many occasions: business meetings, conferences, everyday go-to-work bag…etc. The key for you is to watch the ratio between the tote size and your body size for good visuals.

Below are three tote bags I like at different price points. (Images are clickable.)

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