FEB 14th, 2018

Today I received my JORD watch, and opening it felt like Christmas! I haven’t been this excited to open a package in a while, and when I saw the packaging, it was love at first sight! So I got right into planning an outfit for it in order to post about it today for you – my beautiful styleright’ers.


With the stunning wooden textures, brown and rose golden colors, and handcrafted feel of the watch, darks were the way to go. And after swifting through my mess of a closet, one piece stood out to me – my brand new Free People Jumpsuit I got two weeks ago.  Continue reading



Sep 27th, 2017

My lingerie includes brands like Le Perla, Cosabella, L’Agent, Naja, and a few high end Chinese brands.  Womens’ complicated dress often results in different bras for different clothes.  I have never had one bra that works with most my clothes until I recently came across a Taiwanese brand – Romensa.  This Romensa 3816 multiway bra is my recent favorite; and, even better, very affordable.

see through lace with emilio pucci skirt-bra-0931

see through lace with emilio pucci skirt-bra-1153

see through lace with emilio pucci skirt-bra-1172


I cannot say enough good things about this bra. The nude color matches any lighter color outfits.  The lack of underwire makes it comfortable to wear.  The material is so soft and breathable; and, the best part, shapes my breast well. This video below shows how Romensa Bra 3816 can be used in 8 different ways.


see through lace with emilio pucci skirt-bra-0829

see through lace with emilio pucci skirt-bra-1116

see through lace with emilio pucci skirt-bra-0986

see through lace with emilio pucci skirt-bra-1135

Here is a comparison picture of me wearing another bra brand (on the left) & Romensa 3816 bra (on the right).   Pictures speak a thousand words.   Of course different sized people have different bra needs.  I beleive this brand may be a good candidate for many of my dear readers.   Let me know what you think!

see through lace with emilio pucci skirt-bra-1184

Romensa Multiway Bra

Romensa 3816 Multiway Bra, features as below: – Color: nude & black – A set of two bras and matching underwears – Size: AB70-85, C75-80 – Price: $105/set – Cup shape: 1/2 cup – 8 different ways – Complimentary Extension hooks if requested – Complimentary plastic shoulder strap included – Free shipping included ( Within US only)


You can order this bra directly from the above link for customers that are outside China. Free shipping is only for US customers. International buyers will pay for shipping. You can email me your size at after you complete your payment. For Chinese customers, feel free to contact WECHAT ID: tinaxiang75 to order.

Thank you to Romensa distributor Nuanxin (wechat ID: nuanxin022) & tinaxiangWECHAT ID: tinaxiang75) for sponsoring this post!


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Apr 27th, 2017

Spring time in Portland could be tricky but also kind of fun in terms of what to wear because of weather variances from day to day. On the street, you will see people wearing a t-shirt, a jacket or sweater, and even a winter coat. The upside of that is you can choose from your entire closet to create outfits.

People often put black color clothes away when it comes to spring. For me, wearing black in spring is perfectly fine as long as you find ways to light it up or add colors. In my outfit today, I used a colorful scarf to add vibrance to the overall look.

Black sandro sweater dress with scarf-8082

Black sandro sweater dress with scarf-8139

Black sandro sweater dress with scarf-8141

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FEB 21, 2017

Moule white top-1

Moule white top-1-2

A dear tango friend challenged me to identify “3 essential bags”. I gladly accepted her challenge and am happy now hear your thoughts about this post.  What a great idea! Hopefully this will delight my friend and, all of you, my dear readers.

The 3 essential bags I suggest:

1. A tote bag:
As an example, this blue Ferragamo tote bag is one of my favorite totes.  Generally, I prefer single use bag but since this strap is removable so I am fine with it. After all, you get to use the bag in two different ways.  A tote serves many occasions: business meetings, conferences, everyday go-to-work bag…etc. The key for you is to watch the ratio between the tote size and your body size for good visuals.

Below are three tote bags I like at different price points. (Images are clickable.)

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Sep 16th, 2016



If you can choose only one thing for the entire summer to wear, what would be that one thing for you?

This pretty black and white floral trouser jumpsuit takes comfort to a whole new level! If I could spend the entire of summer wearing just the one thing, this would be “THE THING”.  In addition to great fabric choice, comfort and great fit,  I love that this jumpsuit is hard to wrinkle.   I can sit, slouch or even twist myself into a pretzel without being afraid of those pesky little wrinkles.

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