Aug 25th, 2017

Last summer was all about the Jumpsuit for me. This year I have found a new obsession: Asymmetry. In fact, asymmetry is also very much in this summer.

I stumbled upon this asymmetric dress while I was shopping online (FORWARD) this past winter. It was on a huge sale and I bought it right away because of the unique color combo, ruffle details, and, most importantly, its asymmetry!

ISA Arfen colorful dress-4133

ISA Arfen colorful dress-4183

ISA Arfen colorful dress-4119

It is generally easy to create a look with a dress. Just pick a pair of shoes and a bag and off you go. This is exactly the reason why I have many dresses in my closet. Being a mom of two young kids, I need to quickly dress so I have more time to care for my children and complete other tasks.

ISA Arfen colorful dress-4125

ISA Arfen colorful dress-4379

ISA Arfen colorful dress-4181

I was happy to meet my friend for dinner in this look I put together in less than 5 minutes in downtown!

Thank you @NORANYC for partnership on this post! Use code “NewShades” to get 10% off when you shop their sunglasses.

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Photographer: Bassel Hamieh @BMH Photography 




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